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- Bombadil Discovered, by Barb Beier
- Concerning Ents
- Was there any definitive explanation given on what happened to the Entwives?
- Did Tolkien intend Gandalf's Death and Return to represent Christ and the Ressurection?, by Erik Tracy
- Did Gandalf Really die after defeating the Balrog?, by Erik Tracy
- What is the Secret Fire That Gandalf Serves?, by Erik Tracy
- Who were the Istari?
- Lúthien
- Who were the Istari?, by Nate Gershaneck
- Was anything known about the other two Istari?
- What happened to Radagast?
- Did Shadowfax Leave Middle-earth with Gandalf at the End?, by Erik Tracy
- In The Hobbit, Bilbo called the spiders Attercop, Lazy Lob, Crazy Cob, and Old Tomnoddy. What do the words mean?
- Who or what was Tom Bombadil?
- What was the origin of Trolls?
- Of the Valar and the Coming of the Firstborn
- The line of Valar
- Concerning Wizards

On this page you can read about things that I don't have enough material to make whole section or I could't decide where to put some texts.
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